About Our Company

What is E3's Investment Strategy?

We focus on mid-sized ground-up, new construction multifamily developments in emerging Texas submarkets.

Why ground-up, new construction?

Beyond the thrill of design and the excitment that comes with seeing a vision brought to life, we prefer building assets from the ground-up because we can control product quality and cost, resulting in greater development spreads and bottom line profitability, especially in an inflated market. Our ability to successfully navigate the entire construction process allows us manage the riskiest piece of investing in ground-up: the construction itself.


Have questions? Reach out to us at... rene@e3dllc.com or (210) 254-2369 or luke@e3dllc.com or (210) 901-0081 We look forward to connecting with you!

Why invest in a venture with E3?

- We are local to the markets we develop in with the benefit of the founder sponsor, Rene Gonzalez, having experience in Austin, San Antonio and Boerne - With our construction experience, we always value-engineer our projects - we believe in controlling and tightening costs as much as feasible, so long as quality is never diminished - We have developed and built through COVID-19, where we strategically and creatively sourced material and labor in order to deliver to market successfully - We are a boutique shop and niche-focused (Investment Strategy), which means that we concentrate our efforts on mid-sized developments in growing markets with strong upside; our development spreads and cost yields are greater than if we were to focus on already-saturated, metro areas - We are family-owned and care about our communities and how they are developed; we want to build assets that will last and that we can be proud of for many years to come