About Our Company

What is E3 Development, LLC?

E3 Development, LLC is a boutique, family-owned commercial real estate (CRE) development company. Via our various subsidiaries, we create start-to-finish CRE opportunities by bringing them to market from the ground-up.

What types of assets does E3 focus on?

Currently, we focus on small-to-mid-size (60-150+) multi-family projects. We believe the market is primed for multi-family properties in key growth areas due to the lack of supply and unprecedented increasing demand. Other CRE opportunities we prefer include multi-family mixed-use, self-storage, and the emerging BTR/B2R (build-to-rent) housing model. We like to target emerging/growing sub-markets.

Why does E3 build ground-up, new construction?

We prefer building assets from the ground-up because we control product quality and cost. With few exceptions, we build to hold. We are not merchant developers. Our ability to successfully navigate the entire construction process allows us to remove common issues and stumbling blocks and that are considered normal in the development and ground-up industry, such as... major change orders, lack of quality and skill, document mismanagement, supervisory mismanagement, communication and agreement issues, the “blame game” (among different construction trades), etc. We make sure to build assets that will last and that we can be proud of for many years to come.


Have questions? Reach out to us at... rene@e3dllc.com or (210) 254-2369 luke@e3dllc.com or (210) 901-0081 We look forward to connecting with you!