Innovating the CRE Business Model

We operate under two criteria:

Develop Responsibly & Build Intelligently


As Developer-Builder-Owner, E3 Development, LLC realizes projects from genesis (land acquisition) to lease-up, and then beyond, retaining projects as legacy assets. 


We operate in a niche of the Commercial Real Estate space, with a focus on Multi-family/Apartment products. 

EXPERIENCE: As Developers, we typically locate raw land and either work directly with the landowners themselves or allow Investors to get involved in the deal with us. Our ROI's are highly competitive with the market, and we offer some other unique investment strategies.

EXPERTISE: As Builders, we work with our partner General Contracting company, Alpha PCNA, LLC. Since it's still us, not only do we greatly control cost, but we also control quality. We're sticklers for producing high-quality, long-lasting products. Since we hold onto our own assets, we build as if we were one of our tenants.

EXCELLENCE: As Owners, we create legacy properties, which means we keep our products, versus building and then flipping them. This includes overseeing the management and maintenance of our communities. In other words, we're all in, from start to finish.

As an Investor, what does this mean for you?

Check out our E3 Investor Advantage page.

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