who we are

We are a developer-builder-owners.  Because we take on a "Lean" Development, Construction and Property Management philosophy we are able to offer a better solution to your portfolio investments.

what we do

By creating a streamlined process we are able to offer a new and better way to invest in high risk returns without the high risk that comes with the dependency on multiple 3rd parties. We take a property from pre-development all the way through property management, producing a stabilized and income-producing asset.

how it works

Our process works through our “Lean” methodology. We control every step of the process, which means we produce quality, efficiently. We remove risk by increasing productivity and decreasing costs. Since we build to own and hold, we’re vested in our projects. This is what allows us to create excellent investment opportunities offering higher-than-average returns. 

This is what allows us to create great investments with great returns, with great surety.

why it works

In the past, entry into commercial real estate (CRE) was difficult and set up for the few that could navigate complicated investments with multiple entities. Recently, with a rise in real estate companies that have opened up CRE investment opportunities to more of the public via online portals or apps, CRE investing has become more popular. The “REIT” is the popular investment vehicle to put your money into, pushed by a handful of mainstream investment companies today. However, these companies are only the middle-men. With a REIT, you’re not investing in the asset itself, you’re investing in stock of the asset. Just purchasing shares in the stock market, you’re putting your cash in a “share” of trust the owns the asset, but you’re not an investor in the company itself. Not the mention, the more hands in the deal (middle-men), the more fees there are.


E3 has removed both of these issues found in modern and publicly accessible CRE investing by offering our exclusive "Direct to Asset" investing process.  To find out more click below.

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direct to asset

our structure

Our corporate structure design utilizes LLC series for each project. Investment funds are held in a holding LLC series for the processing, vetting and utilization of individual properties.

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